Branch checker

Is the branch where you hold your accounts being transferred?

Enter the sort code of the branch where you have your main account, to check if it’s being transferred.

Your main account is the one you use the most – the one that your salary is paid into, for instance, or the savings account with the most deposits and withdrawals.

Not all customers who hold accounts at branches that are included in the transfer, will be transferring with the branch. We are writing to customers who are affected by the transfer to let them know what it means for them.

Branch sort code - main account.

Branch sort code

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Credit card sort code

Not sure of your sort code?

Your sort code has six digits in three pairs of numbers.

You can find it on:

  • Your debit card or cash card
  • Your cheque book
  • Your statements

Check other branches.

You may use other branches for day-to-day banking, so here’s where you can check if they are being transferred.

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Key information.

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